Wet Sets
Basic Set ( includes style) $45.00
Spiral Set $55.00 and up
Wrap set (include style) $45.00
Hair Cuts
Basic cut $30.00
Designer cut $40.00
Trim $15.00
Barber Cut $20.00
Hair Color
Full Color (Virgin Hair) $75.00 and up
Color retouch $55.00 and up
Color Glossing $30.00
Highlighting (full head)* $95.00 and up
Highlighting ( Half Head)* $65.00 and up
Creative color consultation
*(depending on length and density)
Full head braid weave (including hair)* $400.00 – 700.00
Full head braid weave (excluding hair) $160.00
Net weave (including hair)* $420.00 – 720.00
Net weave (excluding hair) $180.00
Per track (sewn) $20.00
Per Track (Glued) $12.00
Custom-made full head or U-part wigs ( hair included) $600.00 and up
Ultratress Seamless hair extensions  consultation
Natural Styling
Locs $55.00 and up
Twist $50.00 and up
2 strand twist $55.00 and up
Corn rows $45.00 and up
Hair and scalp RX therapy (dry, itchy scalp) $15.00
Silk protein treatment $20.00
Moisture Repair treatments $15.00
Texture & Straightening
Retouch relaxer (includes condition and trim) $75.00 and up
Virgin relaxer ( includes condition and trim) $95.00 and up
Hairline touch-up $20.00
Thermal smoothing $350.00 and up
Permanent Wave $60.00 and up
Body Wave or Dry Curl System $80.00 and up
*50% deposit required at the time of reservation.
All hair supplied are Virgin Indian hair and lasts more a year, with proper maintenance.
Free Consultation for Any Service. Pricing varies depending on length and thickness of hair and estimated time needed to complete service.
Please Ask for pricing during free consultation.